Here at Greystones Surfacing our Resin Bonded and Resin Bound aggregates come in a wide range of colour choices allowing you to find the right finish for your surfacing needs. These colours can be used to create a specific design or finish, including logos and motifs. The flexibility of both these surfacing solutions makes them a great choice for driveways and pathways at home and for public areas, such as parks and walkways.

Resin Bonded and Resin Bound surfaces can also offer a wonderful natural finish, which looks like gravel, but longer lasting and durable making it ideal for landscaping projects no matter how big or small. Choose the perfect colour scheme to improve your homes ‘kerb appeal’ not only improving the look of your home but also the price.

Autumn Forest 14.37 Terracotta Snow 4.26 Terracotta Medium 21.80 Terracotta Gold 3.21 Silver Moon 11.34 Lunar 19.69 Maple Harvest 18.55 Quartz Parallel 16.39 Rustic Bronze 10.34 Midnight 17.40 Harvest Crunch 9.32 Golden Harvest 15.38 Golden Glow 13.36 Desert Sand 24.44 Choc Chip Harvest 20.70 Aztec Gold 23.63 Beige Pearl 22.9

Our experienced team is here to help you throughout the design and laying process you can choose from our wonderful natural colours including crushed granite, quartz and shingle, check out our selection below and give us a call today for a quote or use our Contact Form